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“Everyone use Profit Gap reporting to make sure they do not let the lessons (Profit Mastery) go to waste due to limited time each month to do the math.” Rick @ Replay Sports

The Profit Mastery system: Profit Gap reports allow you to automatically and securely analyze your monthly financial statements to learn where your profit and cash flow opportunities lie. Profit Gap’s highly graphical visuals compare your performance against your industry peers. Further, if you select the specially priced option, you can enjoy access to Profit Mastery University; an easy to understand, entertaining on-line class that  will take your business financial knowledge to the next level.

The Profit Gap reporting system is designed for ease of use. Profit Gap provides you with tutorials, a terminology glossary that make it easy to understand all of the elements of your report. Not only are they easy to understand, Profit Gap Reports are a time saver! At the end of each month, when your books are closed, simply log into your Profit Gap account and run your report.

Your monthly Profit Gap report contains all of the top-rated components of the Profit Mastery System. The Scorecard, Scorecard Trends, Benchmark Comparisons, The Roadmap, The Assessment, Break-Even Analysis and Financial Gap.

With Profit Gap, you will:

  • Receive monthly, Street Smart Analysis of your financial statements
  • Immediately see your Profit and Cash flow opportunities
  • See your business performance against your industry peers
  • Get actionable information from your QuickBooks software

It’s easy as clicking your mouse and has a 30-day free trial.

View sample Profit Gap report pages below, plus a link for a downloadable complete report at the bottom of this page:

NewPGLookExamplePagesV2-FS-Scorecard NewPGLookExamplePagesV2-FS-Roadmap


      • Measures Financial Ratios critical to success
      • Identifies Areas of problems with colors

Profit Roadmap

        • Shows functional flows of your business
        • Identifies area of concern with colors
        • Quantifies Cash and Profit amounts if goals were met
NewPGLookExamplePagesV2-FS-Breakeven NewPGLookExamplePagesV2-FS-TrendChart

Breakeven Analysis

    • Plots required sales with Fixed Cost change
    • Plots Net Profit change verses Variable Cost change

Trend Chart of Scorecard Ratios

      • Plots Scorecard Metrics over 13 months
      • Show how business is trending
      • shows high points and low point over last 13 months
      • Benchmarks you against your peers

Profit Gap is truly Profit Mastery at the click of a mouse. Profit Gap puts the full Profit Mastery financial management process into immediate action in a business. This online service securely connects with QuickBooks and automatically prepares an individual company Profit Mastery Scorecard (with benchmarking), Profit Mastery Road Map, Profit Mastery Assessment, Break-Even Analysis, and Financial Gap Analysis. The monthly Profit Gap analysis allows the participant to immediately take corrective action on their vital areas affecting Cash flow and profitability.

Does it really work?
Profit Gap users have been amazed that the reports are so simple to run, so easy to understand and packed with opportunities.

What is required to run my own Profit Gap analysis?
Profit Gap presently is compatible with businesses using QuickBooks Desktop running on a PC, QuickBooks Online and now there is a manual entry form for those that do not use QuickBooks.

What does Profit Gap cost?
Profit Gap is a subscription based service that features a custom monthly analysis and is specifically priced to provide positive R.O.I. for you from day one. Please Click Here to evaluate the various Profit Gap plans and pricing. There are also packages that include unlimited access to Profit Mastery University for one year.

30-Day Free Trial!
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