Profit Mastery University Online





Do you want to make more profit? Improve your cash flow? It all starts with smart money management.

Profit Mastery University (PMU) online will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to help your business achieve financial success. PMU is a user-friendly seminar that teaches how to manage a company from its financial reports.

Normally delivered in a classroom setting over two days, the entire Profit Mastery course is now easily and conveniently viewed 24/7/365 in bite-sized segments online. PMU delivers today’s most powerful, effective, and sophisticated financial performance tools in a plain English, laugh-out-loud streaming video format right to your computer.

Priced at $695, you’ll find value and information that you can use in your business immediately!

Financial Education

    • Profit Mastery University’s online finance training will teach you to
    • Find cash now
    • Improve profits now
    • Gain financial control
    • Obtain bank financing


    • Online streaming video, broken up into short, manageable segments
    • Offline case studies and coursework
    • A unique Participant’s Guide workbook/reference resource that precisely tracks and guides you through the video presentation, contains all course materials, and provides substantial post-course support

Profit Mastery University online includes seven modules that can show you how to make your business thrive:

    • Creating a Foundation for Change – Learn the primary causes of business failures and underperformance – and how to avoid them
    • Financial Analysis, Part 1 – Explore practical techniques of strategic financial analysis using a real life case study and a uniquely effective scorecard/roadmap tool.
    • Financial Analysis, Part 2 – Continue working with the case study and learn how to solve the problems that cause financial distress and quantify/pinpoint the effect of management inefficiencies
    • Price-Volume-Costs – Use Break Even Analysis to measure the profit impact of every management/operating decision. You will use this tool every day.
    • Cash Flow – Cash flow analysis and forecasting: Why and how to do it – and the impact it can have on the way you run your company, using cash flow patterns as a decision tool.
    • Financial Gap Analysis – Manage your long term cash flow utilizing the most effective balance sheet technique available.
    • Banking & Planning for Transition – Learn how to package loan proposals for your bank and how to implement exit strategies, succession planning, and how to consider transition issues and factors that drive valuation.


“I have an MBA from The University of Chicago and Profit Mastery has been the most useful seminar that I have ever attended. I feel you have given me the means to control my business destiny. Thank you!” — Bruce Holstrom, President, Permalawn, Inc

“By far the BEST to share with owners, with tips to understand how to effectively run their business. If you are truly serious about improving your bottom line, you must have a handle on the topics discussed in this course.” — James Burns, Territory Business Manager, Oreck

“We’d done everything wrong but didn’t realize it until this program. We’d expanded too quickly and didn’t understand the consequences. Now we know how our business really works. We owe our success to this program.” — Mike Joselyn, President, Building Source, Inc.

“Managing a business without Profit Mastery is like driving to an unfamiliar destination without a roadmap! Sign up today!” — Alonso Arellano, Latin Business Association

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