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The follow links take you to pdf describing each page you will find in our Financial Reporting System. These links can also be found on the report:

Key Performance Metrics (KPM)

Financial Flow – Cause and Effect

Financial Summary

Trends of Sales, Net Profit & Operating Cash Flow

Trends of Liquity & Profitability

Trends of Cash Conversion Cycle Ratios

Planning Impacts Fixed Cost & Variable Cost Changes

Funding Revenue Growth

Company Valuation EBITDA

Goal Setting

The following links are directly related to the report pages found the FinancialSoft Profit Gap Reports. The Profit Gap financial reporting service is formatted to replicate what is taught in the Profit Mastery class.

Profit Gap Logo-Small-10




Profit Gap – Scorecard

Profit Gap – Roadmap

Profit Gap – Profit Mastery Assessment

Profit Gap – TrendCharts

Profit Gap – Breakeven Analysis

Profit Gap – Financial Gap Analysis

Profit Gap – Financial Gap Analysis – changing Variables

Profit Gap – GoalSetting