Unlock Hidden Cash and Profit Opportunities with eFO

Imagine if you could automatically and securely analyze your monthly financial statements and show you where your profit and cash flow opportunities are?

This elegant and powerful service exists and it is called Electronic Financial Officer. Electronic Financial Officer utilizes the full power of the Profit Mastery System to automatically illuminate significant profit and cash flow opportunities with a click of a mouse.

Your monthly Electronic Financial Officer report contains all of the top-rated components of the Profit Mastery System. The Scorecard, Scorecard Trends, Benchmark Comparisons, The Roadmap, The Assessment, Break-Even Analysis and Financial Gap.

With Electronic Financial Officer, you will:

    • Receive monthly, Street Smart Analysis of your financial statements
    • Immediately see your profit and cash flow opportunities
    • Get actionable information from your QuickBooks software
    • See all key Profit Mastery monthly reports

It’s easy as clicking your mouse and has a 30-day money back guarantee.


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Electronic Financial Officer Scorecard


Road Map



Electronic Financial Officer is truly Profit Mastery at the click of a mouse. Electronic Financial Officer puts the full Profit Mastery financial management process into immediate action in a business. This online service securely connects with QuickBooks and automatically prepares an individual company Profit Mastery Scorecard (with benchmarking), Profit Mastery Road Map, Profit Mastery Assessment, Break-Even Analysis, and Financial Gap Analysis. The monthly Electronic Financial Officer analysis allows the participant to immediately take corrective action on their vital areas affecting cash flow and profitability.

Does it really work?

Electronic Financial Officer users have been amazed that the reports are so simple to run, so easy to understand and packed with opportunities.

What is required to run my own Electronic Financial Officer analysis?

Electronic Financial Officer presently is compatible with businesses using QuickBooks Desktop running on a PC.

What does Electronic Financial Officer cost?

Electronic Financial Officer is a subscription based service that features a custom monthly analysis and is specifically priced to provide positive R.O.I. for you from day one. Please Click Here to evaluate the various Electronic Financial Officer plans and pricing. There are also packages that include unlimited access to Profit Mastery University for one year’s.

Money-back Guarantee

Electronic Financial Officer reports are backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee for your first report.

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