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Providing your clients with  actionable financial information that they can actually understand (and appreciate) is now possible with Electronic Financial Officer. The Electronic Financial Officer reporting system provides an efficient, effective way to present financial statements and financial performance data in a form that your clients will actually be able to understand – perhaps for the first time!

Electronic Financial Officer reports provide a “picture” of how your clients can improve business results – making it possible to operate more efficiently. Your clients will learn how they can grow the business and, perhaps most importantly… how to present their financials to any lender.

Electronic Financial Officer benefits:
Electronic Financial Officer…An opportunity to add a new service (and new revenue) to your Practice

Once your client’s books are completed and closed for the month, a few clicks of the mouse will convert your client’s financial statements into easily understood actionable report that will:

  • Easily identify key opportunities for improvement: Electronic Financial Officer focuses on key metrics that can lead to new perspectives for your clients as the reports will reveal potential solutions to find cash within the company’s existing operations.
  • Save time: it will only take a moment to produce your Electronic Financial Officer reports – this is part of what makes Electronic Financial Officer such a powerful tool! With just a few extra clicks of your mouse, you gain an actionable, powerful report that will provide a fresh perspective on opportunities for improvement within the business.
  • Add to your service portfolio! The Electronic Financial Officer service will give you the opportunity to  schedule regular appointments with your clients for report review.
  • Strengthen client relationships: Electronic Financial Officer will strengthen your client relationships and as they gain a greater appreciation for your services. The eFO report will show your client where and how to improve their business results in a format that is easy for them to understand and use as a management tool.


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