Profit Gap Perspective for Financial Professionals

Profit Gap Reports for Financial Professionals

Reports that will make your clients love you

The title of this article begs a few questions:

  • If I am a financial professional, why would I be interested in a financial reporting system?
  • Don’t my clients and I get all the reports we need from QuickBooks?
  • Why would a small business financial reporting system have value for me?

We think there are two main reasons for this state of affairs:

Let me explain: Our good friend Steve LeFever, Chairman of Profit Mastery, has been teaching people how to understand financial statements for 30 years and he likes to say that human nature has a lot to do with it. What do we typically do when confronted with things that we fear or know little about?

We put them off to another time. Or, perhaps we delegate to someone else. It is just human nature to avoid things where we have little knowledge or interest.


The second “challenge” after human nature is: Financials are boring!

Why do so many people have the perception that the very subject of financials is “boring?” Maybe this has something to do with our lack of interest or just plain avoidance of things we do not understand? The hard fact is that we do this at our own peril! The ultimate penalty for this avoidance can be a very painful experience that leads to great financial stress or worse – bankruptcy!

Another “human nature” factor relates to work ethic. Most people are happy if their financial statements show that they have a Net Profit and Money in the bank. Who wouldn’t be, right? Well, it turns out that there is a lot more to be learned from financial statements but it takes some work!

Most know that there is working hard and there is working smarter…and we have enough experience to opt for “smarter” when we can. This is the beauty of the Profit Gap financial reporting system. A hard worker will do a lot of research and learn that by doing a lot of math key metrics can be calculated from financial statements that optimize strategies for increasing cash and profits from an already successful business. (By the way, this hard worker is also very smart because he or she has an affinity for math and is not intimidated at the very thought of it.)

OK, so if I want to work “smarter” and identify opportunities to improve cash and profit for my client’s business…What is the answer? Well, the answer is so simple, it is amazing that more people have not adopted this system that:

  • Identifies the key performance metrics for your clients business and automatically pulls them from QuickBooks,
  • Provides a glossary and tutorials to explain the math and the meaning behind each metric, and why it is important,
  • Gives you a Scorecard and a Roadmap that makes it easy to share your report with clients and company employees,
  • Provides trend charts to help track performance over years,
  • Provides a system so you can easily show your client the answers to questions like “If the company makes a new hire, how much of an increase in sales is required to “break even” on that expense?
  • Opens up opportunities for additional, productive billable hours that are easily justified by an outstanding R.O.I. for you and your client.


Of course, what we are talking about here is Profit Gap.

For those who have clients that use QuickBooks On-Line, a free trial is available thru the Intuit App store at QuickBooks Desktop users can access Profit Gap at .

One more thing: What if I told you that financials can be taught in an entertaining and interesting way – and that the peace of mind that comes from that understanding can be yours and your client’s with a time efficient and easy way to understand the Profit Gap financial reporting system?

The first two modules of the Profit Mastery University classes are now available free for CPA’s and QuickBooks Pro Advisors. Check it out at:

FinancialSoft’s Profit Gap Reporting System provides business intelligence to help company owners increase Cash Flow and Profits.

The report includes powerful metrics and helps fine tune financial performance.


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